Payload Capability for the 2019 Ford F-150

There are many reasons to own a Ford F-150 truck, but one of the most common reasons is its payload capacity. You cannot count the times when a truck with a large payload capacity would come in handy for moving from one home to another in Washington Court House, OH or helping friends and family members to bring appliances or other large packages home from the store.

The Ford F-150 has a variable payload capacity depending on the size of the bed and the power delivered by the engine. A 5.5-foot box can carry 58.2 cubic feet, the 6.5-foot box holds 62.3 cubic feet, and the 8-foot box has a capacity to haul 77.3 cubic feet.

To get advice on how much payload your Ford F-150 can carry, come to Beford Ford for an in-depth analysis of your payload capacity depending on your engine and the trailer you are towing as well.

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