A Look at Ford Escape Technology Features

One of the most popular crossovers now available is the Ford Escape. Because of its good looks and amazing use of space, the Escape continues to win fans. However, it is the Escape's tech features that really make the vehicle stand out. Here are two examples of the Ford Escape's leading tech capability.

All Ford Escape models come standard with a Voice-Activated Navigation system. When the driver wants to get directions to a specific destination, he simply tells the Navigation system where he wants to go. From there, the navigation system will verbally give the driver turn-by-turn instructions along with a real-time map on the navigation screen. This allows the driver to keep his eyes on the road.

Also available on the current model Ford Escape is the FordPass Connect App. This app will allow you to control a number of vehicle functions remotely. With the FordPass Connect, the vehicle owner can remotely unlock and lock the vehicle as well as start the engine.

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