New Ford Fusion Energi and Its Technology Features

Here's why the all-new Ford Fusion Energi is again seen as one of the more popular plug-in hybrids.

To aid the driver in avoiding potential collisions, the new Ford Fusion Energi is equipped with the Pre-Collision Assist feature. The vehicle has sensors and a camera that monitor the road ahead, if something is moving slowly in your path, you get warning alerts to stop before the car slows down automatically.

The Cross-Traffic Alert feature was designed to help make driving the Ford Fusion Energi in reverse a lot safer. Activated after you shift in reverse, the sensors behind the rear quarter panels scan the road for any traffic coming in either direction and alerting the driver to hold still until that threat is cleared.

Here at Bedford Ford Lincoln, we have the new Ford Fusion Energi in stock so you can cruise over today and get one on the road for a test drive.

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