Preventing Your Engine from Overheating

Your car's engine is basically the brain of your car. At the very least, it's one of the most important parts of the car so protecting it from overheating is very important. Stop at Beford Ford Lincoln and have our technicians run some diagnostic tools on your vehicle as part of its regular maintenance.

Sometimes our car's engine suddenly overheats before we even realize there's a problem. However, exercising certain precautions can prevent the car from overheating. Always keep an eye on the coolant levels and the car's temperature gauge. Inspect your hose and belts regularly for damage. Make sure the radiator cap is working correctly, and replace if necessary. Flush out your radiator and coolant system periodically.

The better you maintain your engine, the longer your car will last. All our technicians in the service center to look over your vehicle and show you our huge selection of car parts and services.

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