Taking Care of Your Car's Differentials

All cars have a maintenance schedule for both filters and fluids. These two factors are normally calculated based on mileage. Once the car exceeds the recommended mileage for differential or gear oil, the driver is required to change the oil. Otherwise, the car would not perform at the same optimum level.

If you keep running your car with dirty, old oil, there is a high possibility of parts of the differential and gears breaking down. This results into a whirring, howling and clunking depending on which parts of the components have been affected. The cost of repair will also shoot up, and it might be more reasonable to replace the differential mechanism instead of making all the repairs.

Learn more about differentials and their lubrication fluids and filters when you visit our service center at Beford Ford Lincoln. Our experts will answer all your questions regarding differentials and guide you on the best way to maintain your car.

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