Is There Something Wrong with Your Transfer Case?

Getting power from your engine to your wheels involves going through a complex system of gears. And in the case of a four-wheel drive vehicle, in the center of all that power transfer exists a transfer case. This is a component that is only present in true 4-wheel drive vehicles.

Once power is generated by your engine, it’s transferred to the transmission to provide forward motion. In the case of a 4-wheel drive vehicle, the transfer case will use the connected drive lines to deliver power to both the front and the rear axles, as opposed to just going to the rear when in 2-wheel drive mode. This is different from all-wheel-drive models that have a front, center, and rear differential that are always engaged.

If you have any questions about your transfer case or how to properly maintain it, then ask one of the experts in our service center at Beford Ford Lincoln. We’re always eager to help local Washington Court House, OH and beyond!

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