Unethical Practices Could Land Flood-Damaged Used Cars from Texas in Ohio

There are thousands of cars in Texas right now with severe flood damage. Texas also happens to have notoriously permissive rules when it comes to branding vehicles with a salvage title. That adds up to a golden opportunity for dishonest car sellers to turn disaster into profit.

Disreputable dealers will often try to avoid salvage or flood titles, making it look like a vehicle has a clean title, when in reality, it has suffered catastrophic damage. In the case of flood damage, a car may appear fine on the outside, while it is rusting away on the inside.

Texas customers aren't the only ones who have to worry. These crooked car dealers often sell their bad merchandise as far away from the area they were damaged as possible, where nobody expects them. Vehicles damaged by Hurricane Harvey could easily find their way to Ohio, and the Washington Court House area.

Fortunately, a Cars.com study found that Ohio has the fewest title-washed used cars of any state, so we're relatively safe. And when you shop at Beford Ford Lincoln, you know you're dealing with professionals you can trust—and who give you the free CarFax Vehicle History Report!

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